Dale E. Lehman
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Maybe dust on his glasses fractured the cityscape, or maybe the rush of morning traffic or the pedestrians rustling down the sidewalk deranged his senses. Crowds did that to Oliver Fernsby, always had, like cymbals crashing against his head over and over. He was a countryman, unaccustomed to the rat…

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Although it entered the language in the 1930’s, the phrase “expletive deleted” was most famously used during the Watergate scandal investigation, when censored transcripts of White House recordings were made public. We commonly understand an expletive to be an obscenity, no doubt thanks to those transcripts. But it has a…

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Clotho becomes Xiè Dào for a day because it’s unexpected. Turning to words because it’s different, she/he/it spins a haiku because it’s contrary. He/she/it has no regard for human sensibility or belief. The names they give it/him/her are phantasms, the faces and forms and clothing in which they drape it/her/him…

Dale E. Lehman

Award-winning author of mysteries, science fiction, humor, and more. Get “The Fibonacci Murders” free: https://www.daleelehman.com/free-ebook-offer.

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