Dale E. Lehman
Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash

Clotho becomes Xiè Dào for a day because it’s unexpected. Turning to words because it’s different, she/he/it spins a haiku because it’s contrary. He/she/it has no regard for human sensibility or belief. The names they give it/him/her are phantasms, the faces and forms, and clothing in which they drape it/her/him…

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TThe scars were what convinced her. His ursine size notwithstanding, Nessa O’Clery might have written Jake off if not for that spider web of white lines tracking across his forehead and cheekbones and vanishing into his unkempt beard. This guy was a survivor.

“Let him live,” she ordered. Her three…

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“That’s so cute!” Carly squealed. She tugged Baxter’s sleeve and indicated the lime-green alien offering shopping baskets inside the MegaMart entrance.

Baxter snorted. “That balloon probably costs a hundred dollars.” …

Dale E. Lehman

Award-winning author of mysteries, science fiction, humor, and more. Get “The Fibonacci Murders” free: https://www.daleelehman.com/free-ebook-offer.

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